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  • 200% more hydration after ONE use. Yes!
  • 30% Glycerin bound to Hyaluronic Acid. Yes! (Other like-products only contain 1-3% Glycerin)
  • SELF-ADJUSTING to YOUR skin type. Yes!
  • BOOSTS your regimens results, and can be used with ALL REGIMENS. Yes!

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Fact or Myth? Facial exercises will lift my skin

Myth:  Gravity is constantly tugging on our skin, and while a stack of weights may work great for toning your biceps, facial exercises can actually have the opposite unwanted effect of enhancing your wrinkles.

facial exercisesYour face contains 44 muscles that are constantly contracting and relaxing. These muscles are connected to your skin, so every time they move, the skin moves with them. When you sip, laugh, cry or speak, your expressions etch indelible marks across your forehead, around your mouth, between your brows and around the perimeters of your eyes.

Over time, these repeated motions lead to deep lines and wrinkles. The more you make the same repetitive facial movements, the deeper the lines become.

1731While we don’t want to lose the ability to express ourselves, there are solutions that can help us lose the wrinkles that follow. Peptides and retinol can help create firmer-looking skin.

For expression lines, hyaluronic acid and peptides are now available in an innovative delivery system known as Liquid Cone Technology, offering a great alternative to injectibles for helping to fill the wrinkles and create a more youthful, smoother-looking appearance.

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Is Spritzing with H20 The Best Way to Fight Dry Skin?

If you’re upping your skin’s water supply with frequent spritzing as a way to increase moisture, you may be creating a problem instead of solving one.

Unless you apply a barrier-repairing moisturizer (one which contains dimethicone, glycerin or hyaluronic acid) immediately after spritzing, you’ll actually dry out skin because as water evaporates it draws moisture away from all layers of your skin.

Feel the need to spritz? Just follow with lightly patting damp skin with a great moisturizer. Not only will you improve hydration over the long haul, you’ll get an immediately refreshed and youthful glow.

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Fact or Myth: A Facelift Will Make Me Look 25 Again

Botox? Restylane? Plastic Surgery?

At Rodan+Fields we have a better way for a better look… A natural, flexible, easy look that is much more effective and far less costly. It’s a patent pending regimen that Allure Magazine calls “Best of Beauty for 2011″, and also was featured on the Today Show.

A face lift is not a time machine. It will not bring back the full juicy cheeks you had 20 years ago. It won’t increase elastic tissue that made the skin of your youth perky and supple. And a face lift will also not take away the underlying sun damage that makes your skin look dull and aged.  In fact,  many patients suffer from unintended physical, emotional and cultural side effects that should make you think twice about taking nature into your own hands.

You can only camouflage your aging self with exterior tune-ups for so long. Collagen will continue to deteriorate even under freshly altered and stretched skin unless… 

When it comes to treating aging skin, the name of the game is looking great in your own skin. To do this, you need to erase underlying sun damage and then commit to a daily skincare routine clinically proven to rebuild and increase collagen production, reduce the appearance of pores and enhance firmness.  The result?   YOU…Only better!

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2011 Holiday Specials

2011 Holiday Specials

Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? How about the gift of great skin? Rodan+Fields has just announced their 2011 Holiday Gift Collections!!

Love Your Lips Holiday Collection

Share the gift of a perfect pucker this holiday season. Collection includes ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum, ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion, and ESSENTIALS Lip Shield in a Rodan+Fields Cosmetic Bag. For additional details and to place your order, visit my website here

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Get Your Glow On Holiday Collection

Get Your Holiday Glow On!

Help people on your gift list make a glowing impression. Collection includes ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan and ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-dermabrasion with a complimentary ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer to help the glow last longer. All three products  come packaged in a clear bag with tips from the Doctors for achieving best results. To order the Get Your Glow On Holiday Collection, visit my website here

These collections are now available for purchase, but only while supplies last! Place your order today!

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