Seeing Red? Think of the Soothe Regimen as your skins best friend…


From blustery days to cool, dry temperatures, winter weather can take a toll on your complexion. Think of the SOOTHE Regimen as your sensitive skin’s best friend…


Whether you’re facing occasional redness or prone to more frequent chapping and peeling—not to worry.  SOOTHE™ Regimen is on your side, featuring a complete Multi-Med® Therapy solution designed especially for sensitive skin.hero-soothe

Follow this checklist to help rescue your skin and find relief:

  • Say goodbye to harsh, exfoliating cleansers. If your skin is feeling itchy or tight, your face wash might be too drying, which can strip the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Try a calming formula like SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash, which combats dryness and cracking with ceramides that help nurture the skin’s natural delicate barrier and strengthen its resiliency.
  • Be ready when sensitivity strikes. Visible redness may be your skin’s natural way of reacting to external triggers like wind, razor burn, or cosmetic products—but chapped skin doesn’t have to ruin your day. Put your best face forward with SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment, featuring optical filters that neutralize the look of redness in just 5 minutes. This multi-tasking formula also contains Dimethicone and Allantoin to help fortify the skin’s natural delicate barrier, relieve dryness and reduce the signs of sensitivity.
  • Moisturize like you mean it. The skin’s natural lipid barrier is designed to hold moisture and keep environmental factors from causing sensitivity. When that barrier is compromised, your skin becomes more vulnerable and may appear red, dry or cracked. You can nourish your skin daily with SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream, a rich, dewy formula that uses RF COLD FISSION™ technology to help replenish skin’s natural moisture balance.
  • Don’t let overcast winter days fool you. The sun’s UVA/UVB rays can still penetrate the cloud cover and reach your skin, so applying sunscreen is a must every day of the year. If you find traditional sunscreens too harsh, SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen is an ideal alternative for sensitive skin. This lightweight formula features Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to deflect ultraviolet rays and reduce the look of redness.


Remember: You have the power to break the cycle of sensitivity and maintain a healthy-looking, even-toned complexion year round. Think of SOOTHE Regimen as your sensitive skin’s best friend.

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Say Hello To Healthy Winter Skin

Whether you’re gearing up for ski trips, hunkering down for quality time indoors, or riding the wave of holiday festivities, winter brings on a host of new challenges for your skin. Adding a little extra TLC to your daily skincare routine can help you maintain a healthy-looking glow from head to toe this season—and well into the New Year.


Check out these winter skincare survival tips:

  • Keep calm, cleanse on (gently). Since harsh winds and cold climates can dry out skin, leading to cracks, inflammation or visible redness—‘tis the season for soothing skincare. Swap out harsh, and abrasive soaps for cleansing products that gently remove makeup and nourish chapped, red-looking skin without stripping its essential moisture.
  • Beware the steam bath. When the weather outside is frightful, it’s tempting to crank the water temp to high—but long, hot, steamy showers can strip skin of its natural oils and moisture barrier. The skin-friendly solution: Cleanse your face and body with warm (not scalding) water.
  • Slather before you snooze. The best time to quench dry skin on your face, hands, lips and body is right before bed. Make moisturizers, overnight creams and anti-aging products part of your nightly skincare routine this winter, and wake up to a more luminous, younger-looking you.
  • Give dry skin a hand. Our hands are among the hardest working (and often most neglected) body parts, so they tend to look older than our faces. All that added exposure to the elements can make hands even more vulnerable in winter. Rather than let your hands give away your age, you can moisturize, brighten skin tone and improve the appearance of crepey skin and wrinkles with REDEFINE Hand Treatment Regimen with SPF 30.
  • Keep the SPF coming. Even on cold, blustery days, the sun can still do damage through the cloud cover (or snow flurries). No matter your age, ethnicity, or local climate, your skin needs protection from UVA and UVB rays. Before heading outdoors this winter, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen. If you plan to hit the slopes, take extra care to use higher SPF and reapply every two hours since UV radiation increases at higher elevations.
  • Air on the moisture side. Staying cozy inside has its perks, but dry, over-heated rooms can further dehydrate skin, leading to cracks, inflammation and visible redness. Help counter skin dryness before it strikes by setting the humidity level in your home to 50 percent or using a humidifier to boost moisture levels in the air.

Start following these tips today and keep your skin looking smooth and radiant—no matter where the winter takes you.







Lash Lab: Eye on Ingredients

It’s no secret that growing older can leave telltale signs on our skin (from age spots to crow’s feet and expression lines). But did you know that aging isn’t easy on eyelashes either?

lashboost_timtalk_derm_heroOver a lifetime, lashes undergo serious changes of their own. The lash hair’s natural cycle shortens, meaning we start shedding eyelashes more often than we’d like. Eventually, the fabulous fringe that once framed our eyes becomes thinner and more brittle.

What if we gave our eyelashes the same care and attention as our skin? The reality is that you can get lush, longer-looking lashes by adding a simple step to your nightly skincare routine: R+F Lash Boost, the eyelash conditioning serum that moisturizes, nourishes and protects.

A journey into the lash lab reveals several key ingredients hard at work while you get your beauty sleep:

  • Panthenol conditions lashes by attracting and maintaining essential moisture. This goes a long way toward promoting lash flexibility and resilience.
  • Peptides also play a prominent role in Lash Boost. A combination of Octapeptides, Copper Tripeptides and Polypeptides enhance durability, protect against breakage and support more voluminous-looking eyelashes.
  • Last, but definitely not least, are Biotin and Keratin, two powerful protein-enhancers used in hair care. Together, these nourishing agents help protect against future damage (like the pulling and tugging that can result from our daily beauty routines).

This Multi-Med Therapy ingredient approach is at the heart of our R+F Lash Boost formula. After four weeks of nightly use, you can experience darker-looking, fuller-looking lashes. In eight weeks, you’ll be wondering whether you need mascara at all.

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Holiday Countdown to Party Ready Skin

As your calendar fills up with holiday celebrations and family gatherings galore, it’s time to start the countdown to a younger-looking you. Remember, great-looking skin doesn’t happen overnight—even when it’s on the top of your wish list.


Here’s our guide get your skin glowing and party-ready for the holidays.

4 weeks out, the eyes have it. It may feel like you have all the time in the world; in reality, you’ll want to focus on your eyes a month ahead of any big event. If wrinkles are putting a kink in your skincare story (crow’s feet, anyone?), try REDEFINE Acute Care. This at-home cosmetic alternative features line-defying Hyaluronic Acid and peptides to visibly reduce expression lines with 10 uses over 4 weeks.

Planning to leave your eyelash routine to the last minute? Think again. Having lush, longer-looking, fuller-looking lashes that are 100% yours is possible—as long as you give yourself a head start. Apply R+F Lash Boost eyelash conditioning serum nightly, and in 4 weeks you’ll be wondering if you need mascara at all. Talk about a beauty (and confidence) boost!

3 weeks out, face the big picture. Whether you are tackling acne, sensitivity, wrinkles or stubborn dark spots, it’s important to follow a daily skincare regimen for your specific skin concerns. If you’re already on a journey to healthy-looking skin and are seeing positive results—now is not the time to quit. You may no longer notice the rapid progress you once did, but your skin benefits from consistent care. Even if your holiday schedule gets hectic, don’t let your skincare routine follow suit.

2 weeks out, lock in on the lips. Perfecting your pucker often involves more than a dash of lipstick as you’re running out the door. When it comes to lips, time and the environment take their toll in a profound way. Use these last 2 weeks to reclaim a youthful look for your lips with REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum, featuring peptides and antioxidants to help smooth lip texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Then say, hello mistletoe!

1 week out, go for the glow. Exfoliation is all about kicking out old, dulling skin cells to allow younger, more vibrant cells to surface. Using an exfoliating body scrub is the perfect skincare step to take the week before your grand entrance at the party. Follow up with moisturizer, and then try a sunless tan formula to give your skin a sun-kissed glow the healthy way.

Party day. You’ve done all the daily work using your regimen, and zeroed in on your eyes, lips and overall radiance. Today it’s all about a flawless finish with ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides, a lightweight powder to even skin tone and diffuse visible redness for a more luminous look. Just slip on the perfect black dress, and your party prep is complete!

Here’s to a holiday season filled with great-looking skin and selfie-confidence.

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5 Facts About Eyelashes You Need To Know

Eyelashes (just like your skin) are prone to life’s ups and downs. Whether you opt for heavy mascara or an au naturale lash look, it pays to know the full story behind your fringe–that way you can prep for a lifetime of lush, healthy-looking lashes.

Your Eyelashes

Here are a few things all of our eyelashes have in common:

  1. Your eyelashes work hard every day. Eyelashes demand their fair share of attention—but did you know they also serve an important biological function? It’s true: Those beautiful lashes also protect your peepers from dust, debris, wind and sunlight, in addition to triggering the blink reflex.
  2. You are born with a certain number of eyelash follicles (openings in skin through which lashes grow). And, as hard as you might wish, this number will not increase during your lifetime.
  3. People typically have around 100 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and half as many on the lower lid. But who’s really counting? Remember, it’s not how many you have, it’s what you do with them!
  4. Eyelashes are continuously going through stages of growth, resting, shedding, and re-growth.The entire cycle can take anywhere from 5 to 11 months—a good reason not to take your lovely lashes for granted, or risk losing them by rubbing your eyes too hard.
  5. Eyelashes do thin as we age. If your lashes don’t seem as long or as full as they were in, say, your teens or early twenties, you aren’t imagining it. The appearance of our eyelashes not only changes the older we get (sigh), but eyelash follicles can actually stop producing new lashes.

Now you’ve got the facts, that’s no reason to fret. Set yourself up for the ultimate lash look at any age with R+F Lash Boost. This proprietary formula with Biotin and Keratin deposits an infusion of protein to dramatically improve the look of lashes while protecting them against future damage from everyday beauty routines that pull and tug. The result? Lush, longer-looking lashes that are 100% real and 100% yours.

For most of us, primping eyes comes last in our daily beauty routine—but maybe it’s about time we put them first. After all, a lot can happen in the blink of an eye—so why not make the most of every wink and flutter?

COMMENT below with your favorite tips for “lashing out.”

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