Myth:  Gravity is constantly tugging on our skin, and while a stack of weights may work great for toning your biceps, facial exercises can actually have the opposite unwanted effect of enhancing your wrinkles.

facial exercisesYour face contains 44 muscles that are constantly contracting and relaxing. These muscles are connected to your skin, so every time they move, the skin moves with them. When you sip, laugh, cry or speak, your expressions etch indelible marks across your forehead, around your mouth, between your brows and around the perimeters of your eyes.

Over time, these repeated motions lead to deep lines and wrinkles. The more you make the same repetitive facial movements, the deeper the lines become.

1731While we don’t want to lose the ability to express ourselves, there are solutions that can help us lose the wrinkles that follow. Peptides and retinol can help create firmer-looking skin.

For expression lines, hyaluronic acid and peptides are now available in an innovative delivery system known as Liquid Cone Technology, offering a great alternative to injectibles for helping to fill the wrinkles and create a more youthful, smoother-looking appearance.

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