Botox? Restylane? Plastic Surgery?

At Rodan+Fields we have a better way for a better look… A natural, flexible, easy look that is much more effective and far less costly. It’s a patent pending regimen that Allure Magazine calls “Best of Beauty for 2011″, and also was featured on the Today Show.

A face lift is not a time machine. It will not bring back the full juicy cheeks you had 20 years ago. It won’t increase elastic tissue that made the skin of your youth perky and supple. And a face lift will also not take away the underlying sun damage that makes your skin look dull and aged.  In fact,  many patients suffer from unintended physical, emotional and cultural side effects that should make you think twice about taking nature into your own hands.

You can only camouflage your aging self with exterior tune-ups for so long. Collagen will continue to deteriorate even under freshly altered and stretched skin unless… 

When it comes to treating aging skin, the name of the game is looking great in your own skin. To do this, you need to erase underlying sun damage and then commit to a daily skincare routine clinically proven to rebuild and increase collagen production, reduce the appearance of pores and enhance firmness.  The result?   YOU…Only better!

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