Before & AfterThink you’ve outgrown your acne? Think again. Many make the mistake of thinking they’ve been cured of their acne and no longer need an acne regimen when actually their skin is under control because of the regimen they’ve been using. The truth is, acne is not a curable condition, but it is preventable with consistent care. Acne is also cyclical and can fluctuate depending on stress, hormones, environment and lifestyle. Teens tend to have acne for six to seven years while the average adult woman can suffer from acne for up to 20 years.

Unblemish RegimenUltimately, what keeps skin acne-free is consistent and continuous adherence to a skincare regimen designed to prevent, treat, and diminish the appearance of acne. And trust us, if your skin is looking clear, it’s because the medicines are working. So stick with it!

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