A 10x mirror may do wonders for eyebrow plucking accuracy, and a 12x is even better for zeroing in on the landscape of your face.    But, if you’re like me, when it comes to blemishes it can distort reality and not only warp the way you see yourself, but also the way you perceive how the world sees you.It’s true that taking a closer look at problems may help to solve them, but it’s also true that if you go looking for problems, you’ll be sure to find some, even when they don’t exist.

At 10 times the magnification, even regular pores can look like blackheads.  And if you start picking at them, you will actually make your pores appear bigger over time.

Your best bet? Take a step back and treat the magnifying 10x or 12x mirror as a that friend who only stops by to borrow some sugar!

Ease up on yourself…if you can’t reasonably see it with the naked eye…then there is probably no need to worry about it.