Taking risks is just that.  It’s risky. When you take a risk on a person, you never quite know how it will turn out.  Especially when the heart begins thinking instead of the head.  Sometimes we fall in spite of telling our hearts, no, no, no.  Heart, you don’t have permission to go to that place. Even if all of the red flags are there, we who have been wounded, believe until the bitter end.

I’ve done that recently…but now, after being cast aside again, this time for the last time, game over.  In my innocence I believed for all of the right reasons, and hoped for the best, but to my sorrow it didn’t materialize.  A hard love lesson learned. However, more importantly a life lesson was learned about my life.  I found my golden nugget hidden from sight beneath the murky underbrush of the macho bravado of skillful innuendo played out with mind games, lies, and empty promises.

By shifting to a bit of a  scientific angle, I learned about the energy provided by a hormone named the Oxytocin.  Google for more exact definition. For my purpose here, lets call it the Hormone of Happiness.  My theory is that with the excitement of a new love relationship, the hormones go flying.  Our emotions become saturated with feelings of intense happiness. We can do anything, nothing can stop us, the world is our empire.  We become invincible.  My lesson is that those thoughts and feelings need to originate from within us, from our own DNA, from our own belief of who we are and our own intrinsic value.  Not from a circumstance, and certainly not from the affections or lack thereof of another person. Joy and happiness should already be.

Love lost, life gained…me found.  Thank you, life, for the challenge to be…me.

Govern from your head, live from your heart, breathe from your soul.

There,  from that place, you can move mountains.