I’ve been receiving this question a lot…….”So, what’s in it??” This is a little longer than my typical posts here but should help out. Have more questions?…. ASK AWAY

14656258_1249288188455668_464934893651069536_nMove over…Lash Boost is about to take over the leading lash enhancers on the market. #LashBoost doesn’t have any medical or active ingredients and is a Lash Conditioning Serum. It’s been through not ONE but SIX ophthalmologist tests and uses our multi-med therapy to moisturize, nourish, and protect lashes AND EYEBROWS. All helping them to look thicker, darker, and more voluminous.

Keratin – Sound familiar? It’s the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. Basically, it protects skin, hair (or lashes or brows).

Biotin – a vitamin of the B complex. As a supplement, biotin is sometimes used for diabetes, brittle nails, etc. Again, another essential for developing strong nails and healthy hair (or lashes/eyebrows)

Sodium Hyaluronate (aka Hyaluronic acid) – NATURALLY found in the skin which makes it even more appealing as a vital ingredient and is a huge part of holding moisture in on skin and hair. These Drs. know what they’re doing!

? Pumpkin Seed Extract – Need I say more? It’s pumpkin. Pumpkin goes with everything in the month of October. 😉 Pumpkin seed  is packed with tryptophan, unsaturated fatty acids and a high level of antioxidative substances.

?Sea Water –  this is a common ingredient in anti-aging products. It’s loaded with magnesium and helps retain moisture. Want that on your lashes? Yes. Yes, you do!

  • Ok we’re about to get serious, are you ready for this next two?

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Fruit Extract – This imparts a sheen to the hair and acts as an oil and water emulsifier. (do not use Lash Boost if you have a tree and nut allergy)

  • Oh here’s a fun one…..say this fast:

Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract – Basically? It’s the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple. and studies have shown it to have age delaying effects.?Do you like apples?  And now you can advantage of this sweet little luscious anti-aging ingredient in your Lash products. Rodan+Fields…we are on our way to being #1!

  • No, you can’t eat #LashBoost

? Lemon Myrtle – I didn’t even know about this one. It’s powerful and natural antiseptic and anti-virus agent. Why this ingredient? Because there IS bacteria around your lashes.

? Lecithin – so we all know there’s good fat (avocados) and bad fats (cheeseburgers). This is a good/natural fat found in foods. You want fat eyelashes, right?


The Holidays will be here before you know it…start preparing yourself now…try us risk-free…contact your closest R+F Rep or send me a message and let’s get you hooked up!