R+F Consultant Jasmine Trotter shares highlights on her journey to clear, healthy skin.


For acne sufferers facing clogged pores, inflammation and pigmentation, the reality of clear skin often seems out of reach—so discovering a solution can feel life-changing.

Rodan + Fields® Consultant Jasmine Trotter understands firsthand the ups and downs of acne treatments: “Before trying UNBLEMISH Regimen, I had given up on my skincare because every product I used just further irritated my acne. They either made my face too oily or too dry, and none of them cleared up my acne.”

In the weeks leading up to her college graduation, she was introduced to Rodan + Fields products by her cousin. As Jasmine prepared for a big transition in her academic life, she realized it was time to take control of her blemishes. “I was ready to enter into the world with my new degree and clear skin.”


Jasmine noticed a big difference after using UNBLEMISH Regimen for only a month. With regular use of the products, she no longer experiences severe breakouts. “People don’t even remember that I used to suffer from acne because my skin is so flawless now,” she says.

With these positive results, she’s also happy to continue her makeup-free routine. “I’ve always been a person who likes to wear just my natural skin. Because of Rodan + Fields, I will never have to cover it up because my skin is already beautiful.” For Jasmine, the benefits to having a clear complexion even go beyond appearances: “Having flawless skin is the best feeling to have because when you look good, you do good.”




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