smiling-womanOur deepest expressions create our deepest expression lines. These are the lines that reveal a million moments in one…the times you laughed so hard with a loved one you could cry…the stolen moments puckered up for a kiss goodbye. They’re not just our wrinkles — they’re our storylines.

While our love stories may get better with age, our storylines won’t. At 30, you might start to notice visible signs of aging, such as deepening smile lines or worry creases between the eyebrows. By the time we’re in our 40s, our storylines become more established: The crow’s feet around our eyes and the “goal posts” between our brows deepen, while the corners of our mouths start turning down, forming marionette lines that can leave us looking angry or sad. Even our lips, one of the face’s key vehicles of expression, start to show our storylines through the vertical lines that can say more about our age than we’d care to put into words.

Show Your Lips Some Love with these few tips to keep your lips kissably soft and smooth through the winter months.

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Although aging is inevitable, diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles is largely within our control.

The month ahead—filled with romance, Valentines and love stories—is the perfect time to find your expression, lose the wrinkle.

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