There’s nothing spookier than waking up to dull, blemished skin following a night of halloween2Halloween fun. Whether you’re decked out in costume and makeup for a late-night party or to trick-or-treat with your kids, these tips will keep your face glowing long after the flame from the jack-o-lantern is gone.
Don’t scare your skin with Halloween makeup. The Halloween makeup sold at costume shops often contains artificial colors, fragrances, waxes and oils. It’s best to skip this thick, heavy makeup entirely and use every day non-comedogenic makeup instead. But if you simply can’t resist, be sure that you don’t leave it on for too long. If you experience redness, itching or swelling, remove the makeup immediately with a gentle cleanser and apply a soothing cream or a 1% OTC cortisone to calm irritation.

Sleeping with makeup is a horror for your skin. Aside from ruining your linens, sleeping with makeup on means that you skipped your nightly skincare routine and missed out on your skin’s peak rejuvenation hours. Skin is most receptive at night, which means your skincare products work harder for you while you sleep. So no matter how late you are out, stick to your nightly skincare routine before you climb into bed.

Too many treats can play tricks on your skin. While your mouth may thank you forphoto indulging in sweet treats, your face (and your waistline) won’t. It’s true that the old notion that chocolate causes acne is more of a superstition than scientific truth, but it’s also true that high-glycemic index foods containing processed sugars and corn syrup, like candy, contribute to breakouts, skin inflammation and wrinkles. Your best bet is to enjoy the family Halloween loot in moderation.

Use these tips to treat your skin well this Halloween and you won’t need a magic spell to wake up looking and feeling great the next morning.

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