lip microLips feeling lousy this summer? If so, it’s not surprising. The thin skin on lips is particularly sensitive and vulnerable to showing signs of aging and dryness, conditions that are exacerbated by summertime sun exposure, chlorine and salt water.

When lips are dry and chapped, it is human nature to lick them for relief. In fact, a recent study found that the average woman will consume eight pounds of lipstick in her lifetime from licking her lips. The problem is, while licking lips offers momentary moisture, the act creates a wet/dry cycle that will only make matters worse.

Almost 60% of women aged 35 to 44 reported wearing lip gloss daily, but layering on gloss won’t help cure dry, flaky lips. That’s because lip gloss is primarily cosmetic, designed to color lips and add shine. While most formulas might temporarily soothe and disguise dry lips, they aren’t formulated to improve the quality of lips over time.

To keep your pout looking and feeling perfect, use a gentle, specially formulated exfoliating and conditioning treatment to remove dry, dead skin. To help lips retain their natural moisturizing factors and reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles, apply a moisturizing serum rich in peptides and antioxidants. Then use a balm that contains lipid molecules, antioxidants and dimethicone to improve skin, lock in moisture and protect the delicate moisture barrier. Make sure to select a balm that contains broad -spectrum sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Your (previously parched) pucker will thank you.

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