without making a soundWithout making a sound, your skin says a lot about you.

Across all cultures, clear, radiant skin is viewed as a reflection of health and well-being. This perceived connection between appearance and health means that your skin is one of your best—or worst—marketing tools, sending a message to every person you meet.

When skin concerns go unaddressed, your skin can become an unreliable source, providing faulty information and mixed messages to the outside world.triage 1
For instance, if your complexion appears flushed or blotchy, it could lead people to mistakenly assume that you are drinking too much alcohol. If you have visible lip lines, people may believe you are a smoker. If you have frown lines etched between your eyebrows, you could give the impression of being angry or sad, when you’re actually feeling just the opposite.

Fortunately, uncrossing the signals is easier than you may think. It all boils down to understanding your unique skin concerns and responding accordingly. The biggest mistake most people make is not addressing the most significant issues first. We call this “triaging”—prioritizing issues in order to treat the most urgent problem first. For example, if you have sensitive skin but focus on treating lines and wrinkles first, you’ll never be happy with the results. And what’s more, focusing on aging before getting redness under control will only further inflame the sensitivity you already have.

confidentWhether your skin concerns are related to aging, sun damage, blemishes or sensitivity, by making wise daily choices, you can set the record straight and feel confident in your skin. Today and always. Rodan+Fields – The best recommended skincare without a doctors appointment.