steam room girlWhile many cultures indulge in saunas and steam rooms for everything from flushing toxins to fighting illness, if you are prone to rosacea, the hot, steamy environment can exacerbate your skin condition.

Rosacea affects more than 17 million Americans, showing up on the face as intense flushing or blotchy redness, along with the appearance of “broken blood vessels” and in most cases, acne-like pimples. While the cause of rosacea isn’t definitive, a number of common triggers have been identified. The National Rosacea Society surveyed more than 1,000 rosacea patients and found the top causes to be hot weather (75 percent), hot baths (51 percent), humidity (44 percent) and indoor heat (41 percent)—all conditions present in saunas and steam rooms.

While avoidance of these conditions will decrease the likelihood of a flare-up, there is no known cure. Common treatments include oral and topical antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist.


For an over-the-counter solution, use a daily skincare regimen with peptide technology to calm your complexion and strengthen the skin’s surface.



As you’re improving your skin’s condition, use a mineral peptide powder to perfect your glow, mask redness and soothe sensitive skin.

 Skin…the most important piece of real estate you own!


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