class reunion

Question? Your 20-year high school reunion is in a week. Which compliment are you hoping to receive?

A. You have such a nice car!
B. I wish my job was as neat as yours.
C. Wow. You look amazing!

Did you pick “C”? If so, you’re not alone. For most of us, looking great trumps cars and jobs, but it’s also a lot harder to embellish without looking a bit plastic.

July hosts almost a quarter of all high school reunions, yet attendance usually tops out at about 30 percent of the graduating class. One big reason? Although reconnecting is exciting, the “long time/no see” microscope can be downright intimidating. (And, let’s face it: Carefully cultivating your Facebook appearance is a lot less scary than reconnecting in real life.)

The good news? Our products can help you have more control over how you look. So whether you’re looking to refresh your complexion, minimize the appearance of aging, reverse brown spots, fade blemishes or calm red skin, it is possible to look better now than you did yesterday. Your skin can be reunion-ready, even at a moment’s notice. Now, what are you going to wear?

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