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Holding down a job by day and staying out until the wee hours of the morning as a social  butterfly by night can be glamorous and exciting, and it can also wreak havoc on your skin.

Now that it’s spring time, you want fresh, healthy glowing skin. But wait, you’re thinking there are areas of your face you’d rather hide.


 So what is a girl to do when we all know that hiding your face is not an option?


 The  REDEFINE  line of products brought to you by the PROACTIV Doctors delivers in a big way, ridding your skin of embarrassing issues.  Not only revealing, but REDEFINING a glowing fabulous new you.  Brand new to the REDEFINE  line is the MACRO Exfoliator…an at-home skin care tool that sweeps away dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion in only 5 minutes a week.  

Diamond Special

This line is targeted at the sophisticated, the trendy, and the mommy chic,  who work hard and play hard.  This is not your grandmother’s skin care collection. I love the MACRO Exfoliator as it is clinically proven to visibly improve skin texture after only one use, a great fix for those stubborn areas of your skin where build-up of dead skin cells and clogged pores happen.

If you want a happier cleaner fresher look, the REDEFINE Regimen for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness and the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator are the perfect combination of daily skincare to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging that will reclaim your skin’s radiant glow.

Time to put your best photo face forward.  Time to be a true socializer and stop hiding behind dull skin.  Say good-bye to impurities and say hello to a bright new beautiful sassy you! 

Happy Hour

You love looking good when you want to be bad!


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