No life is complete without obstacles!

breakthroughWe often come across obstacles in our lives. Seemingly insurmountable uphill battles that look as though there is no escape. Walls that seem huge and foreboding. With a big breath, we wonder, can we ever break through to the other side? And even scarier, what if we don’t like it over there? Or, if it really is better, will I be able to handle being successful? We then fool ourselves into doing absolutely nothing because we think we exonerate ourselves with mountains of incarcerating, deceptive, backpedaling excuses that keep us in mediocrity.

My desire is to show people how to break through to the other side of themselves, by breaking through their own personal sound barriers. What’s hard about working with people who live on pretense and excuses? They are time consumers and an energy drain. They say they want, but they don’t do. What’s the best thing about working with ambitious achievers and go-getters? They want and they do! We strengthen and encourage each other to keep becoming better versions of ourselves. We are energy magnifiers. AND we have fun!

You are your own catalyst. Momentum and motivation are within you.


You can redefine your power, energy and impulsion. Clean off your spark plugs and allow yourself to get absorbed in the excitement of progress and breakthrough. Make it a habit.

You can either push yourself through your self-imposed paper walls or you can make excuses and never do anything to move yourself forward. The only entertainment in choosing to stay behind is getting to watch how much “bigger” the wall will grow before your very eyes.

The best part of breaking through, however, is that when you get to look back from the other side, you will see how small the wall really was and that it was actually only made out of paper!


Let’s get started!

Would love to hear your comments and experiences!