Are You Scrubbing Away Good Skin?

Great skin starts with clean skin. The wrong cleanser can undo all the right things you’re doing and make your skin drier and more oil-prone than before you lathered up. In fact, a bevy of bubbles is an obvious indication that your cleanser is likely stripping away your precious moisture barrier.

Gentle, low sudsing cleansers are best because they effectively remove dirt and oil without disrupting your delicate stratum corneum (top layer of skin). Exfoliation plays a huge role in helping rid the skin of dead cells on the surface, keeping bacteria and pimples to a minimum, as well as ensuring that your skin remains bright and even-toned. To exfoliate better, simply apply your cleanser longer, not harder.

Like bricks on a broken wall, over scrubbing is just as bad and can create small abrasions or leaks where germs and dirt can sneak in. 

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