Word of Mouth

The Network Marketing Industry is one that continues to grow as gas prices continue to climb and as companies struggle to maintain profit margins by cutting you, I mean costs!  Network Marketing can be  fun, flexible, financially rewarding and gives you freedom and control over your own life and your own future.

The unfortunate thing is that many people don’t yet understand network marketing and end up passing on great opportunities.

Don’t allow lack of information or other people’s opinions about network marketing to stand in your way of learning about his incredible industry.

Network Marketing can be best described as this: a channel of distribution that cuts out the middlemen, and pays individuals for marketing the products and services. You become the vehicle for moving product from the manufacturer directly to the consumer. And, by doing this, the company is able to avoid the high costs of wholesalers, advertising and retailers and rewards you instead! You receive commissions on products sold and residual income by sponsoring others who sell and use product as well.

When was the last time you recommended a product or service to someone? When you did, you were probably pretty enthusiastic about it because it was something you believed in, found value in or results from, so of course, you think nothing of sharing with others. That is exactly what Network Marketing is all about…word of mouth advertising. The HUGE difference is that the company, products or service that you recommend is one that pays you directly for your referrals. The money that they would traditionally have to spend on advertising or stocking their products on store shelves, they instead share with you, one of their independent consultants or distributors.

More and more companies are developing network marketing divisions within their current structure because they understand the power of this “word of mouth advertising”.

As an example, the Health and Wellness and Personal Use Products are a large part of the Network Marketing Industry, which is a $100 billion dollar industry, with about $32 billion of that in the cosmetic/skin care arena.

Is this for you?  Perhaps not. But how will you know if you don’t find out more and give it a try?

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