The colorless carotenoids, phytofluene and phytoene, are two types of algae sourced from the Red Sea. They are antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which absorb UV light, and even get stronger in the presence of UV light. Unlike most antioxidants, however, colorless carotenoids do not “die” after absorbing UV light; in fact, they have an endless capacity to absorb. We use colorless carotenoids in combination with the sunscreen avobenzone in our SHIELDrf sunscreen technology to prolong UVA protection and decelerate photo-aging.  This exclusive technology allows us to achieve aesthetically appealing formulations with higher SPFs.

Find colorless carotenoids and our exclusive SHIELDrf sunscreen technology in Rodan + Fields® ANTI-AGE Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30.