You may notice the buzz level about acne escalating this time of year as the media focuses on teens’ desire to look good as they head back to school. But as many women who are not teenagers are keenly aware, acne is not seasonal and is of concern at every age. In fact, it’s estimated that 30-40 percent of women develop acne at one time or another during their adult years.

Acne ranges in intensity, from the monthly blemish that appears like clockwork with your menstrual cycles to chronic breakouts around your jaw line. Regardless of the frequency of your breakouts, you need to treat your skin on a daily basis to keep it clear.

The good news is that today there are numerous options, from topical treatments to low-dose oral contraceptives, to treat, control and prevent future acne breakouts. But keep in mind that there are no quick fixes—once you get your acne under control, it may take many years of ongoing, preventative treatment to keep your breakouts from resurfacing. Tune in this month for insider tips on keeping breakouts at bay, acne confessions from two of the most respected names in acne.