The Power of TIME Leverage

The Power of  TIME Leverage

August 15, 2010, 11:23:32 AM


The Power of  TIME Leverage

There are many, many totally “unique” benefits that WE, within the Network Marketing industry, enjoy.

In the world of business, these rare advantages are not available anywhere else – and this is why I absolutely believe there is NO other business model on the planet that begins to compare to that of the Network Marketing model. None.

As a Financial Advisor and Business Consultant by profession, and as a Home Biz Coach within the Affiliate and Network Marketing industries for over 20-years, I feel I can say this with certainty.

And as an InterNetwork Marketing ‘entrepreneur’ (like many of you) – I see the proof.

Now this does not mean that Network Marketing is “perfect” – because it’s not.

But show me “any” business / profession / career that is.  It doesn’t exist.

However – when you consider some of the magnificent advantages that WE in Network Marketing have access to, WE stand alone.

Consider just of a few of these, such as the power of – geometric growth – compound interest – residual income – duplication – time freedom – lifelong friendships – the opportunity for personal growth and leadership development – on and on.

To say ‘nothing’ of the potential for building a high net worth position.

But there is another magnificant benefit that I’d like to highlight here, and that’s – – –


The Power of  TIME Leverage


We’ve all heard that one of the major KEYS for success in any business (and especially a Network Marketing Home Biz) is => “being able to duplicate y/our efforts” .

Here’s an example to illustrate and help us “visualize” the true meaning of Time Leverage:


Let’s say YOU are willing to put in 10 Hours per Week into ‘working’ your Home Biz – – – 10 Hours

Over a period of time, you find 5 others willing to ‘duplicate’ your efforts (5×10) – – –  50 Hours

Working with these 5, and finding in their downlines, just 5 more / group (5x5x10) – – -250 Hours

The total hours per week (of ‘working’ it) going into your own Home Biz – –  – – – –  310 Hours

310 Hours per week of ‘duplication’ x 50 weeks in the year – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 15,500 Hours


— The average WEEK has 40 Hours of ‘work’ time

— 40 Hours per WEEK x 50 Weeks in a YEAR = 2,000 Hours / Year (average ‘working’ hours)

— 15,500 Hours (through LEVERAGE, above) -divided by- 2,000 Hours ==> 7.8 YEARS !

— 7.8 YEARS -rolled into- 1 (ONE) YEAR in your business ==> (through LEVERAGE)!

— When you have 7.8 YEARS of “duplicated” effort, added to your own efforts ==> YOU will have a corresponding INCREASE IN PRODUCTION + INCOME ==> leading to a huge increase in your Business PROFITS!

— The REASON? ==> the power (in our unique industry) of ==> TIME Leverage ==> amazing!


Bottom Line – There are many different kinds of “leverage” – this message has looked at the awesome power of TIME Leverage – using the Network Marketing model.

Network Marketing is ==> a Realtionship Bulding Business.

Network Marketing is ==> Peoples’ Power.

Network Marketing has, as its greatest resources ==> OTHER PEOPLE – and this resource is in great supply, everywhere!

OP-T ==> Other Peoples’ Time — Talent — Techniques

OP-E   ==> Other Peoples’ Energy — Education — Enthusiasm

The TEAM – With the right Network Marketing TEAM(s) – all working together – you can generate enviable “multiple income streams”.

LEVERAGED Income – Through Network Marketing, you can create a realistic “life changing reality”. Leveraged RESIDUAL Income is YOUR money – YOUR “time” working for you – YOUR on-going “pension or annuity” – for ‘work effort’ done ONCE.

LINEAR Income – is “trading” your TIME for MONEY — your HOURS for DOLLARS (as in a JOB and in most Small Businesses).

SELF Employment – There’s an upside LIMIT to the earning capacity here – because there are only so many HOURS in each day (24). Professionals are especially vulnerable to this – because when they stop working – their income stops (physicians / dentists / consultants / service providers, etc)

TIME Leverage – Again, working a 5-day week, you will have 40 hours of productive time. In 50 weeks a year (assuming you take 2 weeks for vacation) you will have 2000 hours. In a lifetime of productivity you will only have 80,000 hours if you work for 40 years of your life.

This is not much of time and especially if you are already in your middle ages.

In Network Marketing , if you have 20,000 people in your business network after a number of years – and lets say these people only work for just ONE (1) DAY of 8 hours ==> you will then have generated 160,000 hours in ONE day!! — i.e. “twice” that of your lifetime of 80,000 hours!!

There is NO way of achieving this if you use your OWN time — NO way.

This is the “essence” of LEVERAGING – whether it is for time – money – effort – enthusiasm – whatever.

In Network Marketing , there is ==> NO Glass Ceiling ==> NO Job Title [with a fixed and limited salary] ==> NO limit whatsoever to what you can achieve or become!