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If the creators of PROACTIV said they would pay YOU to use their new line of patent-pending anti-aging skincare instead of paying actors on infomercials, would you accept the offer? Well, the offer is ON THE TABLE! MEN AND WOMEN ~ ALL entrepreneurs, medical professionals,  estheticians, stay at home moms, real estate brokers, flight attendants,  pharmaceutical sales, salon/spa owners and more! NO TRAVEL REQUIRED! I am looking for BUSY PEOPLE!  Work this along side your current job very part time, make your own hours, work from home. I am looking for goal oriented, passionate entrepreneurs to add to my executive team across the US. This is a ground floor opportunity in a 2.5 billion dollar market. We do not stock products, do not deliver eye cream, and there is no paperwork.  This is a very simple business model where you leverage your time. It is not “sales”, the products sell themselves, we are simply paid to tell people about the products and the business, while we enjoy life.  IT IS A LIFESTYLE! This network marketing platform has created more millionaires than any other segment of business!

Why Are They Not Selling These Products in Retail Stores?  As Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields created their new Rodan + Fields skincare products to extend their vision to make dermatology-based skin treatment available to everyone, they immediately found themselves with top selling products in top tier department stores such as Nordstroms, Bergdorf Goodman, Bendel’s and others. But, they quickly realized their vision could never be fully realized when sold through these traditional markets. Retail type outlets just did not provide the passion, product knowledge, and one on one consultations that the direct marketing approach provided. In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to leave the department store atmosphere for the world of direct selling. What this means for you is a wonderful ground floor opportunity to build your own profitable skin care business around their clinically proven products.

What Does a Rodan + Fields Skincare Consultant Do? Spread the word, talk to people, and help make a difference in their lives. The first priority is to introduce the Rodan + Fields products to as many people as possible. Their revolutionary approach to skin care addresses neglected skin conditions in a fast growing market so the products tend to generate immediate excitement. Once your clients are passionate about their skin and passionate about the Rodan + Fields products, it only makes sense for them to earn extra income for spreading the word as well. You have the unique opportunity to sponsor other consultants and help us build a huge multi-level business team. Because it is ground floor, Rodan + Fields is offering huge bonus incentives for building an extensive national and soon to be international distribution network!

Is This Multi-Level Marketing? Most people call it Network Marketing or Direct Selling, but the direct answer is “yes”. And if this sends chills up your spine as it did for us, you’re not alone. We were very skeptical at first, so we did our own research into direct marketing and found some interesting facts. In a nutshell, we discovered that Network Marketing has had a stigma attached to it from the old days of the “pyramid” type schemes. This IS NOT A PYRAMID scheme!!! It is a very successful and legitimate Home Based Business Model providing you with fantastic earning potential. Additionally, the Rodan + Fields opportunity is exceptional for a number of other reasons:

  • Product and Company Credibility. As the creators of Proactiv®, Rodan + Fields already has Name and Product Recognition with extensive press and media coverage to promote their success and products.
  • Timing. The Rodan + Fields direct marketing initiative launched in September 2008.  The nation is still wide open providing you this opportunity to build a real viable home based business.
  • Unique and Clinically Proven Product. Sun Damage is an untapped market. It is estimated that over 100 million people suffer from sun damage in the United States. The REVERSE Regimen is the first dermatology-based, clinically-proven system that specifically treats sun damage. This along with their other regimen based product lines provides a very unique approach to skin care.

How Much Income Can A Rodan + Fields Consultant Earn? It all depends how much time, effort and dedication you put into your business. There are some highly successful consultants that began earning six-figure yearly incomes by their sixth month. Here are some highlights of the earning potentials, but check out the compensation plan for more information.

  • 25% Retail Profit on the sale of Rodan + Fields skincare products.
  • 15% Payment on Your Front Line Consultants. You earn 15% of the revenue generated by yourself AND the consultants that YOU recruit.
  • 5% Payment on Downlines 1-5. These are the consultants underneath the consultants that you personally recruited. You earn 5% of the revenue generated by all the consultants below you all the way down to the 5th level.
  • Bonuses. There are major bonus incentives. Check out the compensation plan to explore your earning potential.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started? This varies depending on the business kit you choose to start with, but they all give you the information, products, and tools you need to instantly start your business (including your own personal website). Here are your options:

  • There is the Personal Results Kit for $395 ($500 value), which is for those who want to grow at their own pace.
  • For the serious business builder, we have two options to get you off to a fast start. The first is the Big Business Kit and is $695 (OVER $1300 retail value). The second and what we recommend starting with is the RF Leadership Express Business Launch Kit—$99(over $1800 value) to give yourself the best bang for your buck so to speak. We train a system of success to get your investment back in your first 30-45 days and get you profitable. Where else can you start your own business and have a return on your investment in less than 60 days?

Do I Have To Purchase and Carry Inventory? NO!  In fact, all the Rodan + Fields products are available to your customers through your own personal website provided for you when you sign up to be a consultant. All the handling of products, monies, shipping and guarantees are taken care of for you with customer access through your personal website. With no worries about product availability and headaches about chasing customer payments, you are able to focus your attention to the personal aspects of making your business successful.

What Happens After I Enroll and Join? As your sponsor, it is my goal to get you off to a strong start. We are anxious to get you trained and up to speed as soon as possible. In addition to having me as a resource tool, you will have full access to awesome up-line leadership and ongoing Rodan + Fields training and support, including weekly training calls and online groups that give you access to other consultants for questions and support. You will have your own personal website as well as access to the private Rodan + Fields “Back Office”, where you will find business information, business tools, insider information, training materials and much more to help you.

Ready to get started?

If you need additional information or you would just like to talk to me about the products or this fantastic business opportunity, please email me at debi@skincarepartners.com or message me on Facebook and lets start a conversation.

Thank you and I am looking forward to watching your success!