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Learn how stacking your habits can improve your daily routines with Kayla Kozan, Founder of Peak Wellness in Canada.

When it comes to skincare, you probably already know that consistency is key to your success. Achieving your skincare goals means sticking with a consistent routine in order to yield the best results. In fact, creating a routine is the best way to ensure your morning and nighttime skincare regimens become an integral part of your day.

Routines are essentially habits that are implemented in groups. Have you heard of habit stacking? For this blog post, we caught up with Founder of Peak Wellness in Canada, Kayla Kozan, to learn about what the term means, how to stack your habits, the benefits of stacking your skincare habits, the importance of a daily skincare routine, and of course, self-care rituals.

So: What Is Habit Stacking? 

“Habit stacking is the process of ‘stacking’ a new, desirable habit on top of an existing one,” Kozan explains. So instead of starting from scratch, you’re simply modifying a practice you already do in your morning or evening routine. What’s great about that is that this strategy is proven to increase the likelihood of you sticking to your new routine. Crafting your personal lifestyle and wellness regimen is all about habit stacking—at least in the beginning.

Creating Your Custom Skincare Routine 

Because we all had a little more time on our hands since the pandemic, we’ve allotted a little more time to our skincare regimens. Why is that? Well, it’s easier to stick with a four- or five-step routine when there are fewer late nights, less plans in general, and no coming home after a night of a few drinks. In other words, with nowhere to go and no one to see (for the most part), there was little temptation to skip the entire enterprise of doing an evening skincare routine. What’s more, not having to commute in the morning (for many of us), meant we had more time to do that extra skincare step. Whether that additional step was something as simple as applying REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream or taking the time to indulge in a 15-minute mask, not feeling rushed gave us a little more time to indulge in the self care that is a complete skincare routine.

To help you further customize your skincare routine, try the newly reformulated Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen, which allows you to choose your favorite textures. You can select products based on your own unique preference for Step 1 and Step 3 for a.m. and p.m. moisturizers, respectively. In other words? You can choose your own hydration adventure. Want a rich, thick cream during the day? We’ve got you covered. Prefer a thinner, lighter lotion for evening? Go for it.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to creating a new habit, Kozan notes that “if a habit feels effortless, it will fit perfectly into your day, without requiring brain power or willpower.” With regard to skincare, Kozan says that it’s “far more effective to maintain your simple skincare ritual seven days in a row, than to do an extensive multi-step routine once a week.” The bottom line? Bespoke skincare routines have thrived since COVID became a reality — and they will be a habit that sticks long after the pandemic. Taking a little extra care of our skin is something we’re all reaping the benefits of — and after a year of seeing our skin up close and personal on video calls, it makes sense that we’d continue to make the time for a robust routine.

Multi-Med Therapy Prioritizes Consistency

Multi-Med Therapy is the approach to skincare on which Rodan + Fields is built— and it’s designed to make consistency easy. “Even the bottles are numbered to make your routine effortless,” Kozan points out. “The simplicity of their Regimens take the guesswork out of your skincare routine.”

The Benefits of Stacking Your Habits

Batching a few habits together gives you a sense that you’re sort of “on autopilot.” These easy associations make a mindless, routine maintenance activity feel a little less rote. “A great example of a base habit is brushing your teeth,” Kozan says.  “Since you already brush your teeth twice a day, you have two opportunities per day to add on to that habit,” she adds. She recommends stacking your skincare routine on top of brushing your teeth for an effortless ritual. “Begin step one of your skincare routine after brushing your teeth in the morning and begin your evening skincare routine right after brushing your teeth at night,” she advises. Before you know it, you’ve habit stacked.

Habits Are The Secret To Wellness

After you’ve stuck with a consistent self-care and skincare routine for a few months, it becomes easy. These routines and rituals are not just a trend, they also help you ensure that you’re taking care of your mind, body — and skin.

*All referenced results are based on an 8-week U.S. clinical and consumer study.

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