dec2If your fashion choices tend toward plunging v-necks or sweeping scoops, that’s one more reason why the chin is not the limit when it comes to your skincare routine. While your neck and chest may not stare back at you from your bathroom mirror, the rest of the world often notices the total package, especially when guessing your age.

As you head to the bathroom tomorrow, remember your décolletage deserves the same care and consistency as your face. With fewer oil glands then elsewhere in the body, they get dry and loose sooner than our faces. Always extend your skincare down past your face to your neck and chest daily.dec-1

A good rule of thumb is that if the sun sees it, your skincare regimen should, too.

People are so much concerned about their face. But what they often neglect is the portion of their body next to face. Even a wrinkle free face looks awkward with a neck bearing numerous wrinkles. So it is essential to maintain a certain kind of beauty regime for the neck. People don’t pay much attention to the neck until fine lines start coming out on the neck. In some cultures – France, for instance – the décolletage area is treated with as much care and TLC as a women’s face. And it shows!

Some helpful tips:

1. Cleanse your neck as thoroughly at night as you do your face, and clean with a warm, wet wash cloth in the morning.
2. Every time you apply a moisturizer or sun screen to your face, include your neck and chest area. And every time you apply a moisturizer, sweep it upwards to the jaw line.
3. Always use upward strokes when applying – it really does make a difference!

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