Too many fillers,  too much Botox, and too much Plastic…

The result?  Absolute mayhem.

So you’ve been thinking that it just might be time for botox and fillers, maybe even some plastic surgery? Your skin is sagging a little more, your lips are thinning, and the crows feet are helping you look like you’ve had a permanent smile on your face. Mellow and mature is all of a sudden starting to catch up…

Here's Your Solution!

…but you’re afraid of the end result that could leave you with a droopy eye, lips that look like they’ve suffered an allergy attack, and maybe even a stiff, frozen expressionless face that really makes you look ridiculous. You should be cautious. Very cautious.

A few years back (when I used to do such things), a nurse who was supposed to know what she was doing, injected the area around my mouth with botox…I could hardly  eat for two months because I could barely open my mouth! My whole face looked as if I had a stroke! I looked like a freak! Has it happened to you? Well now you have a better choice.

THE ANSWER, the most innovative, the most technologically advanced, world renowned,  Rodan+Fields Dermatologists have a safer and less expensive alternative.  It’s what all the fashion magazines are talking about Now you, too,  can age more gracefully and more naturally with their Anti-Age Regimen…and for even better results, combine the regimen with the AMP-MD System.  And we don’t stop there, we’ve got your hands and lips covered, too!

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In the privacy of your own home you can achieve healthier, younger looking skin by signaling collagen regrowth with a comprehensive skincare system that layers powerful cosmetic ingredients and proven peptide technology to visibly firm skin and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

We have a comprehensive line of clinically proven products created and formulated by the Proactiv Doctors.  They did it for acne, now they’re doing it for your wrinkles.    See the whole skincare line here.

Business opportunities are also available to represent this exceptional line of skincare.

You’re not getting any younger, so for more information, contact me today.

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