I couldn’t help but pick up the fall edition of “New Beauty” when I saw the cover article “CONQUER AGING OVERNIGHT”

So I flipped to the article, and I saw this next interesting list of facts:

In the event the picture is too small, the above snapshot reads:


  • As we sleep, the skin is not at rest – it’s actually working harder than during the day to regenerate and renew.  Between the hours of 1 and 4 a.m., skin cells are most active.
  • Cleanse the skin to remove dirt, makeup, oil and impurities. “Look for a pH-balanced facial cleanser.  One with lactic acis will gently exfoliate the skin – a big plus,” says Dr Graf.
  • Apply Retinol to clean dry skinApply a serum or gel (based on your main skin concerns, like anti-aging, acne or redness).If you know me, then you MUST know how excited I was to see this article written!  You see, to the general public prior to October 2010, this was the only way to treat wrinkles and fine lines without going into a Dermatology or Plastic Surgeon’s office.   Those days are over!

Introducing AMP MD:

We are definitely on a ROLL! First, Marie Claire scooped the product launch. Now, Allure offers their own free press coverage for Rodan + Fields.
This is just the beginning of a stream of publications picking up on the power of our product to fill a huge hole in the $2.5 billion anti-aging market.

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