My 4 Summer Fav Must Haves For Your Skin

Start your day off the right way!!

No one wants to wear make-up during the hot humid summer and besides make-up is bad for your skin and will make any skin problems worse.

The basic function of moisturizers is to help treat your skin when it’s dry and prevent it from drying out again. Moisturizers do this by holding water in the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin [source: Mayo Clinic].

When you think of hydration it’s only natural to think of water. To hydrate something means to increase its water content. In relation to skin care, hydration means increasing the amount of water in your skin cells, which results in a healthy, smooth and plump complexion.

Our advice is to follow these simple steps to great looking summer skin…

Step 1Exfoliate – your skin. This will eliminate any lingering dead skin cells and reduce flakiness.
Step 2Hydrate – A very common skin problem is over-drying and dehydration of the skin. Caused by poor diet, lack of vitamins, not drinking enough water, not enough exercise, and using products that don’t work.
Step 3Moisturize – retaining the skin’s natural oils with a rich, dewy formula that moisturizes and nourishes skin.
Step 4 Mineral Powder with Sunscreen – Use very light, good quality mineral make up.  Liquid make up sticks more prominently to dry patches and looks much more uneven than mineral make up. Be sure that the mineral make up you use is good quality, as cheap stuff contains harsh and drying chemicals that will make your skin worse. Invest in good quality, powder which will even out you skin tone and your complexion.  ALWAYS use moisturizer before applying make up.

Experts recommend, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and sunscreen.

Establish a routine for skin care, and stick to it. Remember that the best cure for dry skin is prevention and using quality products.

We’ve got you covered.