Through The Eyes of Your Heart…

As a seed exposes it’s soul to the womb of the wet dark earth before it sprouts toward it’s journey of discovery to the light, so too, are we to honor the journey of where we started, where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.  And like that seed, our heart also knows the way home.  Joseph Campbell describes it so well in The Hero’s Journey–separation, initiation, return.  Finding out who we are along the way…is the journey to self-discovery.
When the heart  begins to spring forth like a lotus and opens itself to all of the journey and the whole process it’s been through (dirt, darkness, wind, rain, floods, hail) and uncovers a true unconditional LOVE of self, the eyes of our heart will finally be opened to an abundance and beauty that have always been there…right in front of us…the whole time.
In the physical world, as we know it, we live in a dimension of lack (or growth) when in reality, at our fingertips, found only within our heart of hearts, is a world of an intimate love of self. This is the treasure. This is abundance and true beauty like nothing else we’ve ever known. This is the Holy Grail.  This is what we find when we make our way back home to the Garden. This is where we find that there is always and always has been more than enough.
Through the eyes of our heart, we will see the Truth!
🙂 Debi
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