Prepare Now For Holiday Party Skin

Prepare Now For Holiday Party Skin

The holiday social whirl is fast approaching. Is your skin ready for all of those party selfies? If the answer is no, not to worry. This is the perfect time to commit — or recommit — to your skincare routine. Start now and follow this advice, and you’ll see results in time to P-A-R-T-Y this holiday season.

P is for Protect and Perfect. Defend your complexion against the elements with our groundbreaking Glow Guard: NEW Rodan + Fields Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid offers protection against the effects of environmental aggressors, dryness and UV rays. Start using it now for lasting results over time — and instant perfection. Available in six flexible shades, this tinted multitasker immediately gives your skin a polished look, blurring imperfections and camouflaging redness.

A is for Add a few enhancements. These products add a few minutes to your routine, but the results are totally next-level. Try our AMP MD Derma-Roller with your REDEFINE or REVERSE Brightening Regimen; its micro-exfoliating tips help your skin absorb products more effectively. Treat your body to our ultra-hydrating moisturizer, Active Hydration Body Replenish, for visibly softer and smoother skin. Apply R+F Lash Boost nightly for the appearance of longer-looking lashes.

R is for Regimen dedication. The easiest way to ensure your skin is gorgeous for the holidays is to care for it all year. If you aren’t already using the Rodan + Fields Regimen that addresses your skin concerns, get started now! And don’t forget your lips and eye area. Use these products as directed and your skin will always be party-ready.

T is for Take care of yourself. Healthy eating, sleeping and hydration habits often go out the window during the holidays. Make a commitment to yourself now that you won’t let that happen this year! Nourish your skin from the inside out with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. Next, promise yourself that you will get enough sleep over the coming weeks. When you’re fatigued, your skin looks tired — which is exactly what you don’t want.

Y is for “You time.” The holidays are fun, but they can also be stressful, which doesn’t do your skin any favors. Before life gets crazy — and especially when it does — squeeze in a yoga class, read a book or get a massage. When you’re calm and happy, your skin will look the same.

Before you get the party started, here are even more ways to prepare your skin for the holidays.

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*information taken from Derm RF.

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One Take and That’s  Almost a Wrap!

One Take and That’s Almost a Wrap!

One Take and That’s Almost a Wrap…

Why not look at all the things you’ve accomplished this year instead of all the things you didn’t get done. What a brilliant concept!
Celebrating your success is a confidence-building practice to create positive results for the future. Appreciate even your failures because mistakes are an important part of our journey. Embrace the courage it took to take action and learn from the outcome. 

As we wrap up 2017 and catapult quickly into 2018, let’s take  time to reopen the book on the year in review and celebrate all the things we accomplished over the year. List the goals you achieved, the smiles you planted, and the glitter you left behind and don’t overlook the subtle things.

Make it fun: Invite a friend or business partner to participate and celebrate all you both have gotten done this year. Pop some popcorn, pour a glass of wine or bubbly, and make it a celebration!

Places to remind you of your achievements:

  1.  Look at your past appointment calendar for the year
  2.  New products and services you launched
  3.  Social media campaigns launched
  4.  Marketing campaigns
  5.  New customers and business partners
  6.  Increased sales
  7.  Book outline done
  8.  Blog posts or newsletters published
  9.  Events you hosted
  10. Vision board
  11. Credit card statements or checkbook.

Your spending will remind you of ways you invested in yourself and your business:

  • Classes taken
  • Trips with family to create memories
  • Books read
  • New technology you implemented to improve your business
  • Client lunches and client appreciation gifts
  •  Networking events to grow your visibility
  • 1-1 coffee dates to nurture your key business relationships
  • Gym membership, yoga lessons and other ways you stay healthy
  • The time you spent with family and friends
  • New things skills you learned or talents developed

Studies show that we women tend to downplay our achievements! Don’t overlook the things that have been easy. Play up all the things you did this year for yourself and for others. Pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished! I think you will discover it’s been a better year than you remembered. Take that discovery into your business planning and 2018 will also be a year of profound growth and accomplishments. Be smart with your time, commit to your priorities, invest in you and your goals, and eliminate distractions.  Make sure on New Year’s Eve when you say, “It’s a Wrap” on 2017 that you are celebrating everything good and everything positive with a thankful and grateful heart for a year well done and a new and improved you!

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