Negative People, Events and Circumstances ARE Our Best Assets…

With the best of intentions, we often fight against the flow when negative people and uncomfortable situations cross our path. The truth is, however,  that those people and circumstances are our biggest assets.

Think about it…it’s the negative stuff that, if we allow it, pushes us into a different direction and on to another course that is perhaps more prosperous and more abundant for us in the long run. If your life didn’t have any challenges, you wouldn’t have any reason to reflect and rediscover who you are truly meant to be!

Always remember, these kinds of assets are our personal change-agents!

So the next time life throws a bully at you, stop and take a moment to reflect on what the Universe is really trying to tell you!

To a more delightful you!


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Reasons To Be Excited!

Reasons people are Excited about Rodan + Fields and becoming an entrepreneur with the Doctors that created Proactiv®:

so happy**We are launching what the Today Show raved as a “Must have in Anti-Aging”
**We are targeting the multi-billion dollar anti-aging and sun damage markets (and now, with the MACRO Exfoliator, entering another $3 billion industry – at home skincare tools!)
**We are not a “home parties” company, we do not stock inventory, nor are we responsible for delivering/returning products!
**The fantastic, award-winning products were formerly the #1 brand in Nordstrom and we receive a ton of free-press every month!
**60-day money-back guarantee for both our consultants and our customers- literally, a risk free opportunity!
**Web-based training at your own pace
**Last but not least, we are expanding to Canada in 2014! 

its your future

I am adding 2 more people to my Team this month that want to be a part of this Excitement and Momentum!!!

Let’s get you off to a fast start and grow BIG!! This could be the best financial decision you could ever make for you and your family! It definitely was for mine!!! CHANGED our lives!!! 

Just take a look…it’s free and no pressure. Imagine not having to worry about saving for the family vacation! School clothes? No problem. A new car? You can do it! I will show you how! Do it today!

Never In A Million Years Would I Do “One of Those Things”

network mkt vs a jobSo what’s up with all of these Network Marketing companies?  Just how smart is it to buy into one of “those kinds” of businesses?

Let me tell you a story about my journey of “never in a million years would I do one of those things” to realizing that Network Marketing is absolutely the better way to make a living  than an  8-5 job  or starting a small business from scratch.

After my divorce I landed on my butt, finding myself without a job and without a steady income. Having been self-employed all of my adult life I knew I didn’t want to land in corporate America so I started  looking at businesses to buy. Thus began my search, knowing that the cash flow would have to pay for the debt service of any business that would win my bid.

The list included a music studio,a jingle company, a carriage company, a coffee shop, a health and fitness spa, a nail salon, and a tanning salon. Ranging in price from $120 thousand to $1.2 million. Can you imagine the overhead of brick and mortar and employees not to mention the financial commitment to the bank? 

Then along came Rodan+Fields Dermatologists. This is what I found out a little over 4robert kiyosaki1 years ago.  A new company founded by the Doctor’s who created Proactiv Acne Solution, with clinically proven products that actually work, a profit potential without a glass ceiling, and programs and training in place to facilitate success.  A turn-key business in a box. What the Doctor’s did successfully for acne with their first company, they are now doing for aging and sun-damaged skin with their second company. Successfully. This time around the difference is we can partner with them in their new venture.

Imagine where you would be today had you been able to partner with these giants in the skincare world when they started Proactiv? Imagine if you got to own the Pepsi or Coke distributorship in your city (leverage). Imagine if you were the first to own a McDonald’s in your town (leverage). Imagine if you were the first in your network to own a partnership with R+F (leverage). Imagine all of the possibilities for you.

passive residual income3Rodan+Fields Dermatologists is much like a mini-franchise. A business that you own and that you grow. A business that can open new possibilities for you. Maybe it can help you quit the job you hate. Or maybe make enough extra income for that shameless secret shoe shopping fund. Or maybe go on that Spa Vacation with your girlfriends with your own money to spend so you don’t have to ask your spouse to foot the bill. The possibilities are endless…private school tuition, retire your husband money, vacation money, donation money, pay the bills money so you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Or maybe you want to go for the big gangster money…you name it, you can do it. Forget about the past stereotype...Network Marketing, Direct Selling, MLM, whatever you want to call it, is the business model trend, not of the future, but of the right now!

no-brainerSo what was the big bonus of what I found out that day that I drank the cool-aid? For me it was a no-brainer. After spending countless hours and money doing my due diligence (with accountants and attorneys) with companies that I would have gone nose-deep into debt with, I immediately saw that this company made perfect sense.  A turn-key business in a box with all of the systems in place to help me reach higher than I ever have before. The infrastructure is already in place for anyone to step in and be the captain of their own business and their own life.

What if you took 5-15 minutes of your time to take a look at something that could make a big difference in your life.  Is it worth it?  Is it for you?  You tell me.  Your life, your game, your decision.  Status-quo trading hours for dollars? Or being you own boss?

Never say never. In a million years I would do it all over again!

Why wait a million years? Send me a message if you want to explore your possibilities.

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Is It His Daughter? Or Is It His Girlfriend?

OK all you Single Ladies…here is a question for you!older man younger women
Is it his daughter?
No, it’s his girlfriend!

How many of us have had our men go hunting after that younger woman, only to leave us in a heap of tears and rubble? And if you are that younger woman reading this…know that all is fair in love and skincare!

Now, single ladies, it’s our time to speak up and stand up by looking better than we ever have before.
Our products can help you have better, younger looking skin without that “I just ran through the wind tunnel plastic Barbie look!”

So get your Sizzle and Sass back on for the summer and keep
him wondering who your younger man is! Imagine how good that will feel!
Oh, and by the way, Pops…we can help you look more hip, too!

Don’t wait and wish you would have…make that appointment with me today and find out how you can make him wish he ‘didn’t’ and look and feel your best! Always!


The Big O

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