Lips feeling a little lousy?

bite my lipThe thin skin on lips is particularly sensitive and vulnerable to showing signs of dryness and aging, conditions which are exacerbated by the sun. And chances are that the remnants of summer sunburns, chlorine and salt water, combined with September’s changing temperatures, aren’t doing them any favors.

Treating chapped lips can be tricky. Although a recent study found that almost 60% of women 35-44 reported wearing lip gloss daily, layering on gloss won’t help cure dry, flaky lips. That’s because lip gloss is primarily a cosmetic, designed to color lips and add shine. While most formulas might temporarily help soothe and disguise dry lips, they aren’t formulated to improve the quality of lips over time.

1) Most important when you’re battling dry lips is to resist licking and picking the area, lip microwhich will only make matters worse.
2) Instead, gently exfoliate lips with a conditioning product to remove dead skin cells. This will help your moisturizer better do its job.
3) Then, use a balm that contains lipid molecules, antioxidants and dimethicone to improve skin, lock in moisture and protect the delicate moisture barrier.
4) Make sure to select a balm that contains broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Your (previously parched) pucker will thank you.

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