Microdermabrasion PasteBigger is always better? Not necessarily! When it comes to facial exfoliation, good things come in small packages.

When used consistently and often, smaller beads actually produce “more effective” and “better” results. Why? Because, like an ultra-fine grit sandpaper, used over time they smooth the surface more thoroughly and more evenly than larger, coarser particles.

And while it may seem counter-intuitive for folks with sensitive skin, an exfoliant with larger beads but fewer of them, is actually gentler on skin. However, regardless of the size of the bead, exfoliation shouldn’t be thought of as a once in a while emergency quick fix.

Exfoliants remove the dead skin cells from the face that cause a clogged pores. The removal of these dead skin cells will minimize pores and open pores for cleaning. For best results, to promote dead cell turnover the key is to exfoliate more often and work the product on your skin’s surface longer.

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