Everyday I see and talk to people who have become so frustrated with themselves and the world around them. One step forward and a giant step backwards.  Success.  Does it really have to be so illusive? As soon as we find the skip in our step and a song in our heart, along comes a big life distraction trying to steal our forward momentum.

So, why exactly is one person successful while another finds nothing but failure?  Why do people always seem to find excuses for why we can’t push forward?

Here’s the thing you have to understand…EVERYONE has issues.  Everyone has distractions.  Everyone is busy and everyone has life issues that would get in the way IF we let them get in the way.

If you talk to any of the most successful people you know they will tell you the same thing.  They had issues…

Elderly parents they were care givers for.  Marriage challenges.  Diseases, car accidents, and natural disasters.  Death of loved ones and health challenges of their own.  They didn’t  become successful because they didn’t have challenges.  They moved forward in spite of those challenges.  They evaluated and adjusted their course accordingly.  They didn’t give up. They didn’t quit.  They saw a vision and they kept going forward. Like the “Little Engine That Could”.

To create success, you have to open yourself up to the possibilities and make the present moment the point of action in your life.  Not later, not when you’re ready, not when it’s perfect.  The perfect time is now.

Govern from your head, live from your heart, and breathe from your soul.