Is Spritzing with H20 The Best Way to Fight Dry Skin?

If you’re upping your skin’s water supply with frequent spritzing as a way to increase moisture, you may be creating a problem instead of solving one.

Unless you apply a barrier-repairing moisturizer (one which contains dimethicone, glycerin or hyaluronic acid) immediately after spritzing, you’ll actually dry out skin because as water evaporates it draws moisture away from all layers of your skin.

Feel the need to spritz? Just follow with lightly patting damp skin with a great moisturizer. Not only will you improve hydration over the long haul, you’ll get an immediately refreshed and youthful glow.

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What You Should Know About Chasing the Pimple…

Breakouts are big-time bummers. It never fails … big night, bad skin. The prom, weddings, anniversary celebrations, hot dates — all reasons for acne to launch a full-on war (or a complete sneak attack!) on that pretty face of yours.

What you should know about that pimple is that spot treating makes as much sense as brushing only the tooth with the cavity while ignoring the rest of your mouth. For a long-term solution, you must treat your entire face to stop the process that is happening deep inside your skin’s thousands of pores. The acne cycle actually starts two to three weeks before you ever see a blemish, which is why spot treating a pimple that’s already surfaced doesn’t work … you’re only addressing the end of the cycle, not the root cause.

Remember, pimples are just the ultimate manifestation of a complex and ongoing process triggered and exacerbated by multiple factors such as hormones, stress, high glycemic diets, clogged pores and bacteria, so taking a multi-pronged approach daily is essential to getting and keeping your acne under control.

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