Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For All Of The Moms In Your Life

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For All Of The Moms In Your Life

May 12 is Mother’s Day — and we’ve got skincare gift ideas to make moms of all kinds feel appreciated and deliciously pampered! Choose a mom and show her some Rodan + Fields love.

Just remember, if a mom is pregnant or nursing she should always check with her doctor before introducing new products to her skincare routine.

Which Mom do you want to get a gift for?

New Mom:

Skincare For New Moms For New Moms 

Moms of babies are really put to the test. A good night’s sleep is hard to come by, and those long nights can wreak havoc on her schedule and her skin.

Give her age-defying products that make the most of her limited sleep time:Applied at bedtime, Intensive Renewing Serum is tough on the visible signs of aging but not on skin. REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream improves the appearance of expression lines and visibly firms the under-eye area. REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum, with Peptides and Vitamin E, conditions and visibly smooths lips.

P.S. If the New Mom in your life wants to help reduce brown patches known as Pregnancy Mask (melasma), the REVERSE Lightening Regimen could be a most welcome gift! Just have her check in with her doctor if she’s pregnant or nursing to see if it’s the right fit.


Working Moms Working Moms Deserve Great Skincare

All moms work — the only question is, “where?” Whether she’s headed to a board meeting at the office or a conference at her kid’s preschool, she’s got a back-to-back schedule and no time to fuss. Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid (and its companion, the Radiant Defense Liquid Brush), will have her glowing, polished and perfect in seconds. And once she’s finally done for the day, ESSENTIALS Complete Eye Makeup Remover and Instant Make-Up Remover Wipes whisk everything away so she can get to bed sooner.


Soothe His Soul

He is an expert at soothing his kids. But it’s very likely he’s neglecting his skin. If he is fair skinned or has shaving irritation, it’s likely his complexion could use some TLC. Our SOOTHE Regimen relieves dry, irritated patches in a heartbeat, soothing his skin — and his soul.


Everyone’s Mom

She might not actually be your mother, but she is the wise, nurturing person who makes you feel loved. Pamper her with skincare products she might not buy for herself! Active Hydration Serum has a luxurious feel and makes an instant difference, transforming dry skin into hydrated, younger-looking, younger-acting skin. Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex targets thin, fragile skin around the eyes to diminish the look of dark circles and puffiness. Or, surprise her with Lash Boost. Who doesn’t want the appearance of longer, darker, fuller lashes?

So, give her Life-changing Skincare for Mother’s Day! You can’t go wrong when you do it right with Rodan + Fields.

Learn more about Rodan + Fields  and how you can get your most radiant skin yet. Trust your skin’s glow to the Doctors and your consultant who know how to help you get your skin glowing.

Results may vary depending on multiple factors: age, gender, skin type and condition, concomitant products used, health history, location, lifestyle, and diet.

Share this with friends or family members. It could save their skin — and boost their confidence.

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*information taken from Derm RF.

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What If There Were Only Happily Ever Afters?

Life changes. And skin changes.

What if?

But WHAT IF you could control your skin’s destiny?  You can.  You control 80% of your skin’s future (only 20% is genetic).  And that’s great news! The choices you make today will affect the way you look and feel tomorrow, next year and well into the future.

WHAT IF you could always be a few steps ahead, anticipating your skin’s biological needs?  You can.  With the right care, your skin can visibly improve with age so you can look even better tomorrow than you do today.

WHAT IF you had two world-renowned doctors, a bio-scientist, a private consultant (everyone should) and an entire regimen devoted to your skin’s every whim 24/7?

You do.  With 30 years of combined research and experience, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields developed their philosophy of Multi-Med® Therapy. This regimen-based approach treats specific skin concerns by combining the most effective ingredients within an optimized formulation, applied in the right order. Stick to the Regimen that’s right for your skin and you, too, can experience transformative results.

WHAT IF you felt good about your neck?

redefine2016A steady diet of intelligent skincare is the foundation of skin that looks young and healthy. The Rodan and Fields REDEFINE Regimen is a comprehensive skincare solution that layers cosmetic ingredients and potent peptide technology. This formula helps to defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin.

 WHAT IF having flawless skin wasn’t an accident?

reverse2016REVERSE Regimen is an effective, full-face solution that tackles dullness and uneven skin tone. REVERSE provides a long-term solution for a radiant, more even complexion. It exfoliates dulling dead skin, helps even and brighten discolored skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protects against further UV damage.

 WHAT IF you could break the vicious acne cycle?

unblemish2016UNBLEMISH Regimen was created as a continuous solution that addresses the acne cycle—clogged pores, trapped oil, bacterial attacks and inflammation. This daily, full-face system combines cosmetic and active over-the-counter ingredients that unclog pores to eliminate most acne blemishes before they are visible on the skin’s surface.

WHAT IF your skin wasn’t so sensitive?

soothe2016SOOTHE Regimen combines clinically tested active over-the-counter ingredients with our exclusive, patent-pending RFp3 peptide technology to shield against the environmental aggressors associated with dry, chapped, sensitive skin. So effective, the SOOTHE Regimen can decrease visible redness, peeling and dryness. The result? A healthy-looking, even-toned complexion every day.


Click Here To Find Your Formula

Contact me,  your Rodan + Fields personal go-to skincare consultant to find the right Regimen for you. Stick to it. And remember, nothing is more beautiful than confidence.

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Hydroquinone is one of the most misunderstood ingredients in skincare. This organic compound, found in blueberries, cranberries and other fruits and vegetables, is the only FDA-approved way to lighten skin discolorations.

And while it is available over-the-counter or with a prescription from your doctor, don’t book an appointment with your dermatologist just yet. The 4% by-prescription-only variety can be more irritating than the two percent found in OTC products, without guaranteeing better results. We find that 2% hydroquinone works extremely well when combined with exfoliation and sun protection.

Find 2% hydroquinone in Rodan + Fields REVERSE Skin Lightening Toner and REVERSESkin Lightening Treatment.




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2011 Holiday Specials

2011 Holiday Specials

Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? How about the gift of great skin? Rodan+Fields has just announced their 2011 Holiday Gift Collections!!

Love Your Lips Holiday Collection

Share the gift of a perfect pucker this holiday season. Collection includes ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum, ENHANCEMENTS Lip Micro-Dermabrasion, and ESSENTIALS Lip Shield in a Rodan+Fields Cosmetic Bag. For additional details and to place your order, visit my website here

Or take a look at this amazing collection…


Get Your Glow On Holiday Collection

Get Your Holiday Glow On!

Help people on your gift list make a glowing impression. Collection includes ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan and ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-dermabrasion with a complimentary ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer to help the glow last longer. All three products  come packaged in a clear bag with tips from the Doctors for achieving best results. To order the Get Your Glow On Holiday Collection, visit my website here

These collections are now available for purchase, but only while supplies last! Place your order today!

Have questions?  Shoot me an email  I would love to help you!

Want To Go Topless?

Want to Go Topless?

There are ways to save your face…

There’s no time like the summertime to get outdoors and enjoy the sun. No matter how hard you try, increased sun exposure June through August is nearly inevitable.                                                                                                                                               Going for a ride in that convertible on that beautiful warm summer day?

What to know? A convertible is just a mobile lounge chair and requires exactly the same amount of sun protection as you would apply before heading out to a pool party. Unlike other recreational sun exposure, it can even be worse because not only do most of us fail to think about applying sunscreen before driving, but the refreshing breeze and roar of the engine can dull your sun alarm so you stay exposed longer than you might normally.

What to do? Go ahead and take it off…go topless!   …a ride or two in a convertible this summer won’t leather your skin as long as you apply sunscreen before jumping in. And work the “convertible look” made famous by Audrey Hepburn, complete with a headscarf and sunglasses. Not only will channeling this style icon bring some added fun to your drive, but it will also protect your skin from the sun.

CLICK here for the Rodan+Fields Broad Spectrum Sunscreen