the boss1As a seasoned entrepreneur, owning my own business is the primary way I choose to make my income. The status quo of most jobs where people trade hours for dollars is simply not a viable road for me to wander down. The main reason is office politics, which, next to rush hour traffic, is the most ridiculous thing that people have to put up with. The second, is the glass ceiling imposed on the masses within the corporate bubble – trading hours for dollars and never really getting anywhere but deeper into debt. Not a  smart choice when there are other, better options.

Lately I’ve been receiving emails for franchise opportunities. None of which cost less than $70 K as a minimum investment required. Please note…a minimum investment with a bigger franchise starts at $70 K!

Now, you may ask, why am I even blogging about this today?opportunity
And yes I will shout why I am from the rooftops. Franchising is really no different than Network Marketing, otherwise known as an MLM or Direct Sales. The three biggest differences and the three most important reasons why Network Marketing is the best business model going is it’s low cost of entry, the company does ALL of the heavy lifting for you, and getting started is as easy as putting it on your credit card!

With my company, someone who wants to build a side business can
get started for less than a thousand dollars. Hard costs for your overhead are approximately $1200 a year. Sound like a lot of money to you? Relatively speaking, if you’ve ever owned a business, you know IT IS NOT!

in my pjsHere is what is included in your overhead: No inventory is required. You get two public websites and a back office website that automatically takes care of your “paperwork”. Also provided is corporate support, sales support, marketing/pr, a nurse hotline, a warehouse for the products plus shipping and handling, research and development,  no employees to worry about, training included for free, a tax write off, partnering with two of the brightest minds in skincare, and your own business that provides freedom, flexibility and unlimited income potential. A turn key business. A business in a box. Yes, it’s that simple!

So if you are tired of the status quo in the corporate world, then maybe now is the time to do a little investigating. Who knows? Even if all you’re looking for is a shameless secret shoe fund, it could change your life!

Your success is my success! Message me for more information: