Makeup to give you dark eye circles is flying off the shelves this Halloween. While it’s dark circles 2helpful for achieving your best “zombie” look, let’s face it: Some of us don’t need the help.

Dark under-eye circles can be caused by everything from lack of sleep and a poor diet to chronic rubbing from allergies, loss of fat or thinning of skin caused by sun exposure and aging.

If sufficient beauty sleep doesn’t help, watch what you eat. Salty foods and alcohol cause water retention, resulting in puffy, baggy eyes. You can also try sleeping with your head propped up to limit under-eye bags. If you have allergies, take an antihistamineto minimize your allergic reaction—and the itching, rubbing and redness that come with it. And if you still find yourself waking up puffy, place ice packs on your eyelids or gently massage the area.

To fight the signs of aging around the eyes, use an eye cream that not only reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles but that also contains optical diffusers to brighten the area. Protect the delicate skin around eyes daily with sunscreen and polarized sunglasses.

For a more aggressive approach, see your dermatologist for other methods that can fill in the hollowness around the eyes.

By keeping your eyes open to a range of causes and treatments, you’ll prevent them from looking ghoulish on November 1st and beyond.

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