Did you know … Applying skincare is like baking?

product wall 7.16.13What’s the difference between a pancake and a souffle? While the ingredient lists may be very similar (eggs, flour, milk) the way you combine them leads to very different outcomes.

The same is true in skincare; different products containing the same ingredients can lead to very different outcomes, depending on what you combine them with. Making up your own “recipe” by combining different skincare products can minimize results. You might unintentionally double-up on ingredients or layer products that cancel each other out.

Signs that products are not compatible include crumbling off your skin, a sticky, unsavory texture, and even redness, itching and flaking. To get consistent results, use products that are designed to work together to not only treat, but also to prevent your specific skin concerns.

Stick to the recipe to get picture-perfect results.

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