Beware The Office Barracuda!

When I moved to Nashville six years ago with no job, no friends, and no income…I had no idea what I would do or how I was going to survive. As a small business owner for nearly all of my adult life, I knew that I wasn’t very marketable in Corporate America. But that is where I ended up…at the mercy of the Office Barracuda! Not once, but twice!

And you know who you are because you are everywhere.  

First, I want to thank you for teaching me some very valuable lessons about myself. The most important, self-confidence and also the fact that in the face of the corporate struggle with you that I could and did win in the long run. And, yes I did win, and win bigger I did! You are still there—working the 8-5 with two weeks of vacation a year and having to add up your sick days.

Today, I make a lot more money than you, and I have time freedom and flexibility to do what ever I want, whenever I want. You wanted my job, and you wanted my corner office, but was it really worth it?  Thank you, yes, suffering through working daily with you was worth it for me!

Because It Works!

Thanks to you, I ended up with the opportunity of a lifetime! This gig is the best business decision I have ever made. More friends, more motivation, more energy, more confidence, more smiles, more freedom, and more money than I have ever made…and it doesn’t stop here. The world is now my playground!

So thank you Ms. Office Barracuda. Guess that smug smile of yours didn’t work so well for you! Good luck to you anyway…

Oh and for you who said that I’m too “f-ing” stupid to work for someone else…you were right!  Now I work for me and I love it!