The “mask of pregnancy,” or melasma, is the most visible manifestation of the effect of hormones on the skin during pregnancy, while on birth control or hormone replacement therapy. Melasma appears as symmetrical dark brown patches on the cheeks, upper lip and forehead. It results from the overproduction of melanin triggered by estrogenic hormones in concert with sun exposure. Heat that comes from activities like “slaving over a hot stove” can also induce melasma, as was reported in a group of Latina kitchen workers. While it affects women of all ethnicities, darker complexions tend to have the most persistent forms.

The REVERSE regimen is a successful and simple, full-face solution that tackles both the damage below the surface and the visible pigmentation that is the result of years of incidental sun exposure combined with excessive amounts of hormones.  It combines prescription medicines at non-prescription strength with active cosmetic ingredients to exfoliate away dulling dead cells, lighten unwanted pigmentation, even skin tone, brighten the overall complexion, and protect against further UV damage, visibly improving the appearance of environmentally aged skin.

For some people, one cycle of the REVERSE Regimen is sufficient to restore skin brightness and even tone. For significant hyper-pigmentation, it may take two to six months before maximum evenness of skin color is achieved. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, you may transition to ANTI-AGE Regimen and AMP MD™ and be diligent with sunscreen every day. If more dark marks appear, you may always return to using the REVERSE Regimen if the dulling signs of sun damage or spots begin to reappear.

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